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“Our mission is to develop hockey players so that they may reach their highest potential, no matter what level that may be.”

Compuware Youth Hockey is proud to announce our 2024-2025 Head Coaches:

Tier 1 18U Kyle Krug
Tier 1 16O 2008 Greg Stefan
Tier 1 15O 2009 Ben Warda
Tier 1 14U 2010 Paul Fassbender
Tier 2 14U 2010 Mike Callan
Tier 1 13O 2011 Brian Beaufait
Tier 2 13U 2011 Gordie Lietz
Tier 1 12U 2012 Don Elland
Tier 2 12U 2012 Darren Brown
Tier 1 11U 2013 Jason Hubenschmidt
Tier 2 11U 2013 Mike Henry
Tier 1 10U 2014 Steve Phillips
Tier 2 10U 2014 Brian Shekell
Tier 2 9U 2015 Brown Kevin Morin
Tier 2 9U 2015 Orange Nick Bell
Tier 2 8U 2016 Chris Brewer
Tier 2 7U 2017 Schuyler Ferguson

Our teams can be contacted via email:
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Learn more about our coaches:

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    You can also view the slideshow articles on the NEWS button on the top navigation bar

    We are happy to announce that starting Monday October 23, we have a new streaming service for youth hockey games. The arena will be using USAHockeyTV. Please use the link that will take you to the home page of the service. You will be able to subscribe to a game-by-game, monthly or yearly option.  CLICK HERE






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