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Open Head Coach Positions for Spring 2021: 2014 Mite A

As of February 6, 2021

We want to remind everyone of the procedures at USA Hockey Arena and Compuware Youth Hockey. 
Beginning February 1, we will resume GVN activity.  Beginning February 8, contact practices and games are allowed.  We really do appreciate your understanding and following the protocols and rules.  We know it is not easy.

1. USA Hockey Arena Health Check Form: The form must be signed and filled out every time somebody enters the Arena.  This is how we will be able to contact trace if a problem occurs. 
Alternatively, beginning February 1, you can complete the form and submit electronically for each skate.

click here for the form

2. Parking Directions: Please note that guests are being asked to park on the side or in front of the Arena.  The back door will be closed.  You can drop off on the bridge, but we ask that if you are waiting to pick up, you wait in the side/front parking lots.  You will enter GVN at the door in the rear of the building near the GVN garage door.  Please watch your speed in the parking lots and drive safely.

3. Directional Maps: Use the pathways identified inside the Arena.

4. Ice Contracts: All teams will continue with their previously scheduled 2020-21 season contract times.  Shared ice practices will begin February22.  

5. GVN Performance: We will revert all teams to their previously scheduled 2020-21 season times beginning February 1.  Teams skating on their shared ice times will also have GVN those days.  Teams not skating on their shared ice times may do GVN, but should make those appointments directly with GVN.  The entrance to GVN will be through the back of the building.  There is no cutting through the Arena to reach the ice surface and vice versa.  You will need to check in twice when you arrive, once at GVN and once at the Arena, please be prepared.  On days when a team is skating first and then doing GVN, players can be escorted in a group by a coach directly to GVN; no stragglers.  GVN has their own health assessment form that must be completed prior to entry/participation.

6. Pro Shop: The Pro Shop remains closed.  If you require items, you will need to work with the Arena staff when you arrive.  The shop will be sharpening dry skates only.

7. CJ’s Brewing Company: Is open with some restrictions.  Click here for the latest information on days/times/menu.

8. USA Hockey Arena and Compuware Youth Hockey ProtocolsThe ice surface can be used for contact drills.  Use of the ice surface may be for individualized training. (Example: 16 kids, 8 stations, 2 kids to a station, one kid doing a drill, then switch.)  Group or team related training is allowed; contact drills are allowed.  You may work on a power play, a penalty kill, or a break out.  You may work on individual spaced drills, stick handling, shooting, skating, and agility.  Small area games, or battle drills are allowed; scrimmages/games are allowed.  Face coverings are required at all times including on the ice surface for both players and coaches.

9. Video Analysis: On practice day’s only, teams will be allowed to do video analysis  in the Area behind the Pro Shop.  Teams will be allowed to enter the building 40 minutes before their skate only if preplanned.  They will be allowed to use the area behind the Pro Shop for 20 minutes, then go to their locker room area 20 minutes before their skate; all must wear a face covering; all must socially distance.  There will be a TV on a stand in the closet that your team will have access to.  You must reserve this time the day before, and it is first come first serve; only one team at a time, no parents will be allowed in the building during this time.  Please e mail Mike Sikora at if you would like to reserve. This is the only location where video will be allowed.  This does not mean the building is opening up to warming up in the building; this allows a social distance environment to be able to review video.

10. Game Protocols: All spectators (home and away) must complete the health check upon entering the Arena.  The opposing teams will be allowed in the building 15 minutes before game time.  Please pass along our policies and procedures to the visiting teams.  There will be no team warmups or other activity in the Arena.  The Health Check form is at: CLICK HERE  or use the QR code posted at USA Hockey Arena or on the Compuware Youth Hockey home page.  Family members/viewers must exit the Arena immediately after the game through the front lobby; no congregating in the lobby waiting for players.  Face coverings are required of all spectators, coaches, and players (including on the ice).  All games at USA Hockey Arena will be broadcast on HockeyTV.  For games, there will be a limit of two (2) spectators per athlete per the MDHHS guidelines.

11. Locker Rooms:
a) For the OLY rink, skate rental has been turned into locker rooms 5 and 6.  Our other two rooms will be located in the rink itself to use as rooms 7 and 8.  These rooms will only be used if necessary.  We know it is cold, so we will avoid that as much as possible.
b) For the NHL rink, we will use the four private rooms as rooms 5-8.
c) Individuals will be given two locker rooms. Individuals must spread out between the two equally.
d) There are no showers available to individuals.

12. Arena Information:
a) There will be no team warmups or other activity in the Arena. 
b) Family members/viewers must exit the Arena immediately after the ice activity through the front lobby; no congregating in the lobby waiting for players.
c) Players should not bring any valuables into the building as our temporary locker rooms will be unattended.
d) Face coverings are mandatory at all times inside USA Hockey Arena, including on the ice and benches.  All individuals and guests must wear a face covering at all times while in the facility, including during on the ice and maintain 6 ft social distancing off the ice.
e) Please do not remove any red tape on the seats in the NHL rink and avoid sitting in those areas. 
f) Individuals should bring their own pre-filled water bottles.
g) Individuals will be allowed to enter the building 15 minutes prior to their ice time.
h) Individuals must exit the facility within 15 minutes of completion of their ice time.
i) For practices, individuals 11U and over will not be allowed to have anyone else enter the Arena with them. Individuals 10U and younger will be allowed one family member to enter the Arena with them.
j) All guests must check in at the main lobby. All other entrances will be closed.
k) And or any other protocols supplied by the Arena.

All activities are governed by the MDHHS orders and the MAHA ‘Return to Play Standards’ and subject to change. 

When games are permitted in USA Hockey Arena, they will be broadcast on HockeyTV

MAHA Frequently Asked Questions; January 29,2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Face Coverings

All players and coaches (including skill coaches) must wear a face covering at all times inside USA Hockey Arena.

Stay Safe

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    Compuware Youth Hockey games at USA Hockey Arena are now on HockeyTV