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A Message from USA Hockey Arena on Game Protocols; 10/2/2020

As of October 1, we will be allowing games and shared ice practices in USA Hockey Arena. Please keep in mind we will still have restrictions in the building. Our goal is to give each team two rooms to practice social distancing. For practices inside USA Hockey Arana, we will continue to have players only at 12U and above and for 11U and below, players may be accompanied by one family member.

1) For the OLY rink , we will be turning skate rental into locker rooms 5 and 6. Our other 2 rooms will be located in the rink itself to use as rooms 7 and 8. These rooms will only be used if necessary. We know it is cold, so we will avoid that as much as possible.

2) For the NHL rink, we will use the four private rooms as rooms 5-8. We do have the U20 Camp coming in from Oct 8-13 resulting in us having only 4 rooms on that side. If you have NHL ice between Oct 7-13, please do not schedule any games during those days. (Maybe trade with some on the OLY side for the night.)  Shared ice during those days, we will accommodate as we get closer.

3) For games only, we will be allowing two family members/player; no friends, no friends of friends and no scouts. 24 hours prior to each game you (home and away teams) must provide the rink staff a list of attendees. An email will be provided at a later date that you can send those lists to. The family members must have a heath check form and must also show ID so we can check them off the list. Same goes for the away team. They must provide a check in list as well as health forms. Opposing teams will be allowed in the building 20 minutes before game time. Please pass along our policies and procedures to the visiting teams. Health check and procedures at: 

Just a few reminders as well-
1. All games at USA Hockey Arena will be broadcast on HockeyTV.
2. Players should not bring any valuables into the building as our temporary locker rooms will be unattended.
3. Please tell your opponents that face coverings are mandatory at all time inside USA Hockey Arena, including on the ice.
4. For those that require Pro Shop services, they should notify the attendant at the check in table upon arrival. The Pro Shop may or may not be available.

This is another step forward back to normalcy so please continue to do a great job. Continue to remember your health check forms as well as the 20 minutes before and after rule.

Questions should be directed to USA Hockey Arena.

Pro Shop

>Will be open starting Monday, October 5th
Hours: Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm; Sunday-Saturday 10am-6pm, depending on events
>No more than ten customers at a time in the pro shop
>Customers and employees must have face coverings
>Wet skates will not be sharpened

>Each Team will be assigned two locker rooms.
>Teams must use both rooms and spread the team out equally.
>There are no showers available to teams.
>Teams should bring their own pre-filled water bottles.
>Teams will be allowed to enter the building 20 minutes before game time.
>Teams must exit the facility within 20 minutes of completion of the game.
>Teams will be allowed 2 family members per player in the building for games.
>Teams must submit a family member list 24 hours prior to game time to Josh McAfee at
>Family members must exit the Arena immediately after the game through the front lobby; no congregating in the lobby waiting for players.
>All guests must check in at the main lobby.
>All guests must fill out a Health Check Form.
>All guests must wear face covering at all times while in the facility including during on ice competition and maintain 6 ft social distancing.
>There will be no team warmups or other activity in the Arena.
>There will be no concession stand available.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

All players and coaches (including skill coaches) must wear a face covering at all times in the state of Michigan.

Face Coverings

Stay Safe

Highlights from the “MAHA Return to Play Standards”, 9/24/2020

Based on all updates provided by the Governor’s office, it is evident that the Governor discourages contact sports, and/or indoor athletic activity, at this time.

Per Executive Order 2020-180, facial coverings are required in hockey. This includes athletes and coaches, at all times during active participation and all times during non-active participation, when 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. In both practices and training sessions, in all MERC regions of the state (including Regions 6 & 8), the Executive Order 2020-180 applies
* Executive Order 2020-180 does not define ‘facial coverings’ for purposes of organized sports; however, facial coverings must cover the nose and mouth. The following are not prohibited by Executive Order 2020-180:
     Traditional cloth / fabric masks (worn on the face, covering nose/mouth)
     Neck gaiters (worn on the face, covering nose/mouth)
     Sports masks
     Bauer Concept III Face Shield with Bauer Spalsh Guard (splash guard must be properly aligned)
     CCM Game-On Face Masks
     Plastic shield that covers the nose and mouth (must be on inside of mask)
* Any facial covering attached to a helmet face mask, other than those made by a helmet manufacturer, may affect the HECC certification of the mask. Modification to the helmet face mask clips, which attach the mask to the helmet, are not acceptable alterations and may not be used in participation.
* The MAHA recognizes that coaches may be able to structure certain practices, or portions of a practice, that would permit 6 feet of physical distance to be consistently maintained.
     Skating-only exercises
     Individual skills sessions
* During those practices, or portions of a practice, permitting 6 feet of physical distance to be consistently maintained, facial coverings may not be required
* If 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained, the facial covering requirement must be adhered to

In-rink capacity would allow for regular game play, with the following conditions:
* Consistent with current Executive Orders, facial coverings shall be properly worn by coaches, players, trainers, game event staff, off-ice officials, and spectators at all times during games
     Players will be sent back to the locker room if they come to the bench without a facial covering
     A penalty will be assessed if players enter on-ice competition without a facial covering
* On-ice officials may wear facial coverings during game play, if he/she desires. On-ice officials shall wear face coverings upon arrival to a facility, before the contest, during intermissions and following the contest until departure
* Coaches must maintain physical distancing between players on bench during game play, stoppages, intermissions, etc.
Space outside the bench area should be utilized to accommodate social distancing
* No pre-game or post-game handshakes will be conducted. Stick salutes will be utilized
* No pre-game or post-game huddles or team pile-ups on the ice
* A two-official system shall be used for games at all levels

Any observed violation of facial covering protocols by a team will result in an immediate 3-game summary suspension for the Head Coach, assessed by the MAHA
*Individual suspensions will also be instituted for non-compliance of facial covering protocols
*Associations whose member(s) is found in violation, will receive one warning. Additional violations within the association will result in immediate disciplinary action
*There are no provisions in Executive Order 2020-180 for a medical exception or waiver. This is not a MAHA regulation, and thus the MAHA has no legal authority to waive or modify this Executive Order from the Governor’s office

CJ's is open for in-restaurant dining with limited hours and seating. CJ's also has outdoor seating.
Curbside will continue. Call (734) 453-4455 for more information.
CJ's is also providing concessions and carry out for the  Drive-In Movies at USA Hockey Arena.

GVN is open with limiting restrictions

The Drive-In Movies at USA Hockey Arena are open with limiting restrictions. Click here to see what is showing.

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    Effectively immediately, anyone penalized under Rule 601 (e.3) will receive a match penalty, which carries a five-minute penalty, disqualification from that game, and suspension from further participation until such time the governing Affiliate or junior league has conducted a hearing to review the matter.

    Compuware Youth Hockey games at USA Hockey Arena are now on HockeyTV