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Shared Tolerance Appreciation & Respect (S.T.A.R.)

Below is a video on the S.T.A.R. (Shared Tolerance Appreciation & Respect) program from MAHA, which explains how to:
  • Be respectful to coaches, referees, players, parents, and other teams
  • Be supportive to all players
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times and
  • Always use appropriate language
Pretty common sense stuff, right?  But most of us have probably witnessed some nasty behavior from an irate spectator or maybe an outspoken parent on your team and just know it shouldn't happen.  It can make or break a great game and even an entire season if not addressed early.

STAR helps to explain how to behave, and why, and what to do when people don't.  The video is only 9 minutes long.  Each family is encouraged to view the video.

Official MAHA Parent STAR Video:

Link to MAHA STAR Incident Report

Within 48 hours of an incident, the report at this link MUST be filled out and submitted.