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CJ's Fundraiser (71/2024)


Compuware Youth Hockey Fundraiser Guidelines

1) CJ’s Brewing Company will reimburse CYH teams 10% of all food and beverage expenditures purchased by the team, coaches, managers or families of team members.

2) All fundraiser check requests must be presented with the Compuware fundraiser spreadsheet completely filled out.

3) All fundraiser spreadsheets must have itemized guest receipts as back up for each entry on the spreadsheet.  CJ’s cannot pay from credit card receipts.  Please put in order by date.

4) The 10% fundraiser credit will be calculated on the sales of food and beverages before tax and gratuity.

5) CJ’s cannot pay reimbursements on any restaurant specials, promotions, or other offers, such as $8 pizzas, happy hour items, etc.  They have many great specials and promotions that they hope you will enjoy, but they cannot discount them any further by offering the 10% fundraiser on these items or promotions.

6) CJ’s must have complete contact information for your team to insure the check is properly credited.

7) Fundraiser spreadsheets that are turned in without following these guidelines will be returned to the team representative to be corrected and re-submitted.  

8) Fundraiser spreadsheets should be turned in monthly and checks will be issued monthly.

9) Please see Joe Pitel in CJ’s with any questions.

The form below is to be used in submitting your receipts.  To expedite getting your check, please take care in completing the form, follow the exclusions, and include the receipts.  Submissions should be directly to Joe Pitel in CJ’s.
Receipts must be turned in within three (3) months from the date on the receipt to be honored.

Below is a sample completed submission form.