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Players and Goalies

Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

Do you want to play college hockey?

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Should I be worried I haven't received a college scholarship?

Of all D1 players currently playing in the 2018-19 season, the average age of commit is 18.9 years old.

.6% are age 14 (yes, that’s less than 1 percent- at point 6)
3.6% are age 15
9.9% are age 16
13.2% are age 17
19.9% are age 18
24.2% are age 19
25% are age 20
3.6% are age 21

Full article and graphs below with link:

How easy is it to play in the NHL?

From 2000-2008 2,321 players were drafted.

1,362 drafted players never player an NHL game and 193 played under 10 NHL games

33% of the players drafted actually PLAYED in the NHL