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Ice For Trade/Sale

Information Required For Ice Swaps/Trades

To have your ice listed on the ‘ice for trade/sale’ page, you must have edit privileges to a team page.  Be sure to follow the directions in the pdf below. 

How Ice Sale/Swaps Work

As of 4/1/2024, any ice trades/swaps will be reflected in your invoice/schedule. Here are a few points and examples on how it will be handled:
1.) For example, if you trade April 4 away and gain April 5, you will now see April 5 in your invoice/schedule and no longer see April 4. This will hopefully clear up any confusion on swaps between teams and who has what day and time.
2.) If you buy a sheet of ice outright and do not give a sheet of ice back, we will move the ice you are buying onto your schedule. You no longer will have to cut the other team a check for the ice. We will move that ice from one schedule to the other.

To view the list-

Contact USA Hockey Arena for their latest ice for sale availability

Please remember that if you do swap or sell ice, you must 
notify the USA Hockey Arena.

Contact the Arena at:

Josh McAfee

ICE CONTRACTS: Teams should not enter into ice contracts with other facilities without insuring there is an indemnification clause in the ice contract.  Contracts should prior to signature be reviewed by the MAHA Risk Manager Grant Helm (Grant’s contact information is on the MAHA website at