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What Do We Do If The Referees Are A No Show (12/1/2023)

The teams are not allowed to compete.  You would be allowed to split the ice in two and each team could practice in their own end.  You cannot run a combined team practice.  If you proceed with coaches as referees in a game, it is an illegal game and the USA Hockey insurance is voided as well as potential implications for coaches and players.

MAHA Annual Guide 2022-2023
Rules and Regulations

IX. Game Requirements
3. The following conditions shall constitute an invalid game:
a. When two registered teams occupy the same ice surface and compete without registered referees, with or without the clock and scoreboard, with or without coaches on the ice and without a completed/signed score sheet. Coaches and players for both teams are subject to suspension under rules II., B., 1 and 2. This session does count toward the maximum game count for each team.