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Citizenship Requirements (9/1/2021)

Citizen Requirements For 2022-2023

>All transfers and paperwork for all non-US citizens must be forwarded to the USA Hockey Transfer Department and approved before players are placed on a roster.
>Guardianship paperwork does not change the resident status.
>Estimated time for a transfer to be completed is a minimum of 3 working days and a maximum 7 days after it has been received by the USA Hockey Transfer Department.  Once it is approved, it will appear as approved on the registration form.

USA Hockey Annual Guide 2022-23: Citizenship Eligibility

There is a rule limiting the number of non-US players in this country without their parents (student visa) for participation on Youth National-Tournament bound teams.  See pages 150-151.
II. B. (2)


MAHA Annual Guide 2022-2023
Rules & Regulations

III. General Age & Division Classifications
A. Youth and Girls' General Information

All Youth classifications are restricted to U.S. citizens, registered aliens, foreign exchange students, and are limited to amateurs. Players who are a citizen of another country shall be considered eligible if he/she is a full-time resident of Michigan and the parent(s) holds one of the following legal documents: Alien Registration Receipt Card or Permanent Resident Card. The player shall also be considered eligible if the parents hold one of the following non-immigrant temporary visas: A Government Official; E. Treaty Trader or Investor; G. Representative to International Organization; H. Temporary Worker; I. Foreign Information Media Representative; J. Exchange Alien; L. Intra-company Transferee; M. Mom-Academic Student; O. Aliens of Extraordinary Ability; P. Athletes and Entertainers; Q. Cultural Exchange; R. Religious Workers; and TN. Transfer needed

1. Youth and Girls’ National Championship bound teams are restricted to only two players that are non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under any combination of the following immigration visa categories: F. Academic Students; J. Exchange Alien Visa; P. Athletes and Entertainers (excluding their spouses and children under visa category P-4); and Q. International Cultural Exchange Program participants. This restriction does not apply to non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under category P-4, referenced above, or other visa categories not referenced above, excluding category B. Temporary Visitor.

(a) Release.
A release from the player’s home country team/Association authorizing the player to compete for the USA Hockey member team; and,

(b) IIHF/Canadian Transfer.
A Youth Written Transfer form must be completed for all non-citizen players (male and female) less than 18 years of age and approved by USA Hockey