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MAHA Certification of Single Entry ‘B & ‘BB’ (7/17/2022)

MAHA Annual Guide 2022-2023
Rules and Regulations
IV. Youth Age & Division Classifications
   D. 10U-18U Tier III Category and B & BB Division

8. (d) Associations with single entry B or BB teams must certify in writing that said players were taken on a first come basis. The formation of single-entry teams must be certified valid by their respective District Council.
i. Associations that did not have a team or fielded a single-entry team in this division the previous regular season must provide evidence of open draft skates and/or registration. This shall be done by publishing the dates and times on a MAHA District website, or in a local newspaper or routine hockey publications at least two weeks prior to the first draft skate. A copy of this must be submitted to the District Chair prior to the draft skate and/or registration.