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30% Rule For Squirt Minor/Squirt A (12/1/2023)

During the 2017-18 Season, the MAHA State Playoff Committee (SPOC) discussed the 30% rule for the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) age division.  If a Squirt Minor/Squirt A team played more than 30% of their games against Tier 1 (AAA) teams, the Squirt Minor/Squirt A team would be ineligible for MAHA Districts and States. 
The SPOC met 5/12/18 and determined, since USA Hockey and MAHA don't recognize Tier 1 (AAA) hockey at the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) level, the SPOC would not be able to determine which out of state teams would count towards the 30% number, since some States recognize Tier 1 (AAA) at 9U.  The 30% rules do not count for the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) age classification.  

Reference MAHA Annual Guide 2023-2024; Rules & Regulations; IV. A. 2.