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Canadian Players (9/1/2022)

Can a Canadian player commute to the USA to play on a USA Hockey registered team?

Yes for Spring
No for the regular season

Tier 1 Directors:
It has come to our attention that there was confusion with the wording in the pilot programs on whether Canadian citizens could live in Canada and play in Michigan as an out of state player. Attached is a reworded version that is hopefully more clear. Only Players that hold USA citizenship or Native American Status living in Canada are considered out-of-state players. If a player is not a USA Citizen then they must reside in the USA and hold the proper visa type to play youth hockey.  This is not a new policy or direction. In fact, this is a USA Hockey rule that has been in place for longer than I have been around. I apologize for the poor wording that may have caused confusion, but we could not have changed this rule even if we wanted to. 

George Atkinson
Michigan Amateur Hockey Association

Spring and Summer Mixed Teams

Use this form to roster Canadian players.  This form is given to the Associate Registrar when having your roster certified.