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USA Hockey Arena Health Form

As of September 9, 2020-

Teams that are 12U and older will not be allowed anyone but the participant in the USA Hockey Arena. Teams that are 11U and under will be allowed one adult per participant, no exceptions.

A face covering must be worn in all areas of USA Hockey Arena including on the ice per Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-180.


There are currently no games allowed in USA Hockey Arena.

E Mail from USA Hockey Arena Manager Mike Henry; 9/7/2020

We are very excited to restart hockey at USA Hockey Arena starting Tuesday September 8th, 2020. Enclosed you will find important information for how the Arena will be operating when we open. It is important to know that we are starting very restrictive to get going, as time goes by we will monitor and adjust what is working and what is not working. We ask for everyone’s patience and respect as we start to reopen the game we all missed. Please remember as we go through this we are going to walk before we run,

1. USA Hockey Arena Health Check From and Rules and Regulations, this form must be signed and filled out every time somebody enters the rink, this is how we will be able to contact trace if a problem occurs. This is part of the Governor’s Executive Order.
2. Parking Directions:  Please note that guests are being asked to park in the rear of the arena, due to the drive in movie theater operating through October. The back door will be closed, you can drop off on the bridge, but we ask that if you are waiting to pick up, you wait in the back parking lot. You will enter GVN in the rear of the building. Please watch your speed and drive safely there will be drive in patrons, outdoor work outs, CJ’s customers and hockey players entering and exiting.
3. Directional Maps: The two maps are the pathways that all user’s should follow once they enter the arena.

Other Information:
1. Ice Contracts: All ice contracts have been sent and will need to be signed before the team can take the ice, please contact Josh if any questions.
2. USA Hockey Registration: All participants must register with USA Hockey and have their Individual Member Registration (IMR) before they take the ice.
3. Coaches: Must have all their certificates up to date before participation i.e. safe sport and background checks.
4.  CJ’s Brewpub: CJ’s is open daily from 4-10pm (Wednesday 11am-10pm) they look forward to seeing you.
5.  Pro Shop: Will not be open until further notice, please come to the arena prepared to get on the ice.
6. GVN Performance: GVN will be sending out their own health screen and rules and regulations today. You will need to check in twice when you arrive, once at GVN once at the arena, please be prepared.
7. MAHA Meeting: There is a MAHA meeting on Wednesday September 9th, 2020, we will update you if any changes by then.

You will not be allowed to enter the arena if you do not have a health screen filled out and wearing a face covering. Face coverings are to be worn at all times even during participation of activity due to Michigan Governor’s Executive order. You and or the participant could be asked to leave if not complying.

Again than you for your patience and respect as we get ready to open Hockey back up.

Statement regarding Michigan Executive Order (EO) 176 regarding use of facial coverings/masks; 9/7/2020

As you know, on Thursday the Michigan Governor issued Executive Orders 175  and 176 that provide for a process to restart hockey and other youth sports in Michigan. Part of that EO requires that all athletes except swimmers where a “facial covering” while on the “field of play.” EO 2020-176.7(b).  You may also be aware that the USA Hockey Safety Committee has published information on helmet face shields and masks that indicate that the CDC and WHO believe wearing a cloth mask during high intensity aerobic activity is not recommended.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has issued similar guidance.  While the CDC, WHO an MDHHS have provided recommendations, the Governor’s current order seems inconsistent with those recommendations, as well as similar guidance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).  We also do not know whether the exceptions in Executive Order 153 addressing when a face covering is not required apply to Executive Order 176.  

MAHA, and others organizations, are seeking further clarification on EO 2020-176.  Until such time as the government issues a clarification or change this is what we must follow if we plan to resume play on September 9. MAHA is not requiring any more than what is set out in EO 2020-176.  Some of the feedback we have received indicates that other organizations would not require this Executive Order to be followed. I can assure you that they’re required to follow these same guidelines, and I would be very leery of an organization that is not taking this order and the safety of participants seriously.

While wearing facial covering may not be ideal in the opinion of some, similar standards are being enforced on DI college football teams that are practicing as well as in youth hockey in Colorado and Massachusetts (face offs only). We aware of at least one hockey equipment manufacturer that has facial coverings that attach to the inside of a mask with may be a more preferential option for our sport. Unfortunately, we are hearing that product will not be available until early October. 

MAHA wants our membership to return to the ice on September 9. To do that we must follow the EO’s that are in place until such time as they change. We have worked hard for months to get hockey back to this point where we can restart activity.  At this time, MAHA is of the position that a facial covering is required while on the ice but we expect further clarification in the near future.  MAHA believes this can be accomplished in a number of ways and it is up to the participant to comply with current requirements.  To ignore Executive Orders could lead to hockey being shut back down before it gets going. As you know this has been a very fluid situation with changes occurring on a regular basis. Parents certainly have the right to withhold participation of the players if they feel the guidelines may cause health issues for their son or daughter. 

We will continue to work with the government on these issues and will provide any new guidance/clarification as it becomes available.

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