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Returning To Play FAQ

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1) If teams are not going to be rostered until September 1, does that imply that Phase 3 cannot begin before September 1?
Response by J Reynolds 6/5/2020
Assuming that the rostering date does not change (due to COVID-19 disruption), no games until after rostering is complete (September 1). Ultimately, transitioning from Phase Two to Phase Three will be driven by the government restrictions imposed when we re-open. In a perfect world, we re-open with a large in-rink capacity allowed and we flow quickly from Phase 1 to 3. IF we re-open to very limited on-ice capacity (less than 25), we’ll only be able to get through Phases One and Two. We’ll see how things progress in the coming weeks, and we hope to have more solidified direction.

2) If teams elect to take say 16 or 17 players and we end up playing games with 11 players, will there be an adjustment to the game count limits?
All of my coaches are saying they will take 16-17 players and rotate them through the games of 11.  The restriction on player game count will not necessarily be impacted, but the team game count limit will be reached very quickly if teams elect to play more small games to give players a chance to play.

Submitted to MAHA 6/5/2020

3) We can still roster 15 skaters and 2 goalies (i.e. normal roster), correct? (i.e. the scenarios they detailed out for 25 player's on ice, noting 'teams' of 11 is merely a suggestion/recommendation)?
Response by R DeSpirt 6/6/2020
The current roster size limits remain in effect.

4) If I end up with a 'team' after the initial signing period, am I not allowed to skate as a 'team' until AFTER the on-ice tryouts are complete (37 days post rink openings)...even if I don't do on-ice tryouts (page 9, first sentence)? [B Tucker]
Submitted to MAHA 6/6/2020