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2020-21 Organization Contacts

Year Title Name E-mail
Tier 1 Mgt Major Head Coach Lou Melone
'02/03 18U Manager/$/Webmaster Lou Melone
Tier 1 Mgt Minor Head Coach Danny Veri
2004 16 Only Manager/Webmaster Matt West
Finance Manager Meghan West
Tier 1 Mgt Minor Head Coach Greg Stefan
2005 15 Only Manager/$/Webmaster William Stefan
Tier 1 Btm Major Head Coach Pat Peake
2006 14U Manager/$/Webmaster Matthew White
Tier 1 Btm Minor Head Coach Kenny Brandt
2007 13U Manager/$/Webmaster Nick Suhy
Tier 1 PW Major Head CoachWebmaster Paul Fassbender
2008 12U Manager/$ John Wainio
Tier 1 PW Minor Head Coach Andy Weidenbach Jr
2009 11U Manager/$/Webmaster Andy Weidenbach Jr
Tier 1 Sqt Major Head Coach Chris O'Donohue
2010 10U Manager/$/Webmaster Todd Wilkins
Tier 2 Bantam AA Head Coach Brian Tucker
2006 14U Manager/$/Webmaster Sara LaForest
A Bantam A Head Coach Matt Mitchell
2007 13U Manager/Webmaster Krista Laird
Finance Manager Pam Winquist
Tier 2 PeeWee AA Head CoachWebmaster John Brown
2008 12U Manager/$ Ray Villalobos
A PeeWee A Head Coach Tim Osburn
2009 11U Manager/Webmaster John Herald
Finance Manager Simone Yuki
Tier 2 Squirt AA Head Coach Lee Swallow
2010 10U Manager/$/Webmaster Eric Metzger
A Squirt A Head CoachWebmaster Zach Palmer
2011 9U Manager/$ Teddy Lazorka
Tier 2 Mite AA Head Coach Mark Demmer
2012 8U Manager/$/Webmaster Sarah Marble
A Mite A Head Coach Mike Tate
2013 7U Manager/$/Webmaster Tricia Tate

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