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Gamesheet (9/5/2022)

GameSheet is mandatory for the HPHL 2022-2023 season

The league will be using GameSheet exclusively/only for all league games including playoffs.

The League will be assessing a $100 fine for each game not uploaded into the system the same day of the game up to 5 games per organization.  Any organization that exceeds 5 games not being uploaded the same day, a $500 per game fee will apply for every game after and billed to the organization.

Compuware teams not uploading will be responsible for the fine.  It is your responsibility to make sure this happens every time your team is the home team, regardless of whether this is a showcase or local game.

The GameSheet Scoring app is now available for download direct from the App Store, making installing and updating GameSheet easier than ever.

Training Videos

Training covers-

Installing the App
Logging into the App
Starting a new game
Navigating the App

Selecting the starting goalie
Editing a roster
Changing a coach position
Changing a jersey number, position or duty
Coach signature
Adding a coach or player
Errors on roster page

The scoring page
Adding a goal
Adding a penalty
Adding a penalty and a GM
Deleting a mistake
Goalie change feature
Ending a game and referee page
Game locked and ready to upload
The Wheel Feature: log out and sending feedback

Creating new Dashboard Account
Logging in
Adding new invite code