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Grievance Resolution and Discipline


It is recognized that there might be instances where a member is not satisfied with a particular situation, or a problem may arise in relation to some aspect of the hockey season, the particular team, or other issues.  It is recommended that the member start with the ‘24 hour rule’.  That is, wait for a period of 24 hours to further consider both sides of the situation, prior to initiating any action.  If after that time period, the member wishes to move forward, this procedure must be followed.  It is strongly suggested that each concern be documented in writing at each stage of the review. 

  1. Discuss the issue with the head coach.  The head coach will talk to the parties involved, gather the necessary and pertinent information, and make a decision.
  2. If the member is not satisfied, or if the concern involves the head coach, the member should bring their concern to the attention of the Assistant Director, Compuware Youth Hockey.  The Assistant Director, Compuware Youth Hockey will talk to the parties involved, gather the necessary and pertinent information, and make a decision.  This decision is binding and final.

All players of Compuware Youth Hockey are governed by the rules of play of the participating league, the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, and USA Hockey.  Any player in Compuware Youth Hockey who possesses alcohol, tobacco, any illicit substance, or weapon within the USA Hockey Arena, or any other arena in which they are competing in as a Compuware Youth Hockey player, or in the entrains of the arenas, or at a team sponsored event, shall be immediately suspended from all team activities.  The player shall have the right to a hearing within 72 hours to determine whether or not they shall be re-instated.

If a player is deemed to be a chronic discipline problem by any member of Compuware Youth Hockey, including referees, the head coach must first bring the problem to the attention of the player's parents.  If no improvement is immediately achieved, the head coach may request a suspension from the team from Compuware Youth Hockey.


Any active player, coach, manager, team official and/or parent may be subject to disciplinary action by Compuware Youth Hockey.  Any of the aforementioned may be disciplined or expelled after an opportunity for a hearing at which time they will have the opportunity to be heard and to present others to testify on their behalf, prior to any final disposition.  Based on the nature of the aggrievance, summary judgement may be imposed with an opportunity for a hearing.