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Rostering Information and More


Tier 1 One-Year Pilot (2021-22)

1) Scheduling Agreement
2) Limiting Coach and Player Movement
3) 15O/16O

Concussion Training Certificates Currently On File

Training must be renewed every three years

A USA Hockey membership registration confirmation number is required:
To take the Mandatory SafeSport training.
To take the USA Hockey National Background Screen.

How Many Players Can Be Rostered

Student Coaches

Click here for requirements

USA Hockey and MAHA College Players' Participation in Youth Practices

Michigan District Coaching Requirements for 6U & 8U

Too Many Out of District Players AA/A Teams

MAHA 58TH Annual Guide (Page 46)
14. All travel teams not eligible for State Tournament Play (during the regular season) will not be approved for Canadian Tournaments or Exhibition Games.

Dual Roster Tournament Teams

For the 2019-2020 season, MAHA will continue an approved program that allows players that are currently on Tier 3 ("B or BB") teams to also dual roster on tournament teams.  Click here for the details.  Refer to the 58th MAHA Annual Guide, page 28 (II.S.).

Rosters For Regular Season 3 On 3 Events

3 on 3 tournaments are allowed during the regular season.  All players need to present their USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Page or evidence that they are on an official 1T roster to provide proof the players are USA Hockey members.

Rosters For Post Season 3 On 3 Leagues

Post season 3 on 3 leagues that are run by associations/clubs or independent contractors will not be required to roster these teams.  All associations/clubs or independent contractors running 3 on 3 leagues are required to have all players participating be registered with USA Hockey and all their registration receipt/confirmation pages scanned into their USA Hockey Registration Portal.  A listing of all players participating in the 3 on 3 League will need to be forwarded to the USA Hockey Registrar for Michigan.

Can a Canadian player commute to the USA to play on a USA Hockey registered team?

Yes for Spring
No for the regular season

Spring and Summer Mixed Teams

Use this form to roster Canadian players.  This form is given to the Associate Registrar when having your roster certified.

"Closest To The Rink" Waiver

click here to register and learn the requirements

72 Hour Rule

II.C. in the 58th Annual Guide 2019-2020

MAHA Player Release Form

HPHL Add/Drop Form

2020-21 COVID-19 Temporary Coaching Card

Insurance Requirements For Playing JV or Prep Teams

Guidelines Regarding Non-Sanctioned Play (AAU Teams)

Refer to the 2020-21 USA Hockey Annual Guide Policies:
pages 46-49

Multiple Spring Teams

Starting in the 2019 Spring season, Tier 1 organizations will only be allowed to have one (1) Tier 1 (AAA) team in each age classification.  

30% Rule For Squirt Minor/Squirt A

During the 2017-18 Season, the MAHA State Playoff Committee (SPOC) discussed the 30% rule for the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) age division.  If a Squirt Minor/Squirt A team played more than 30% of their games against Tier 1 (AAA) teams, the Squirt Minor/Squirt A team would be ineligible for MAHA Districts and States. 
The SPOC met 5/12/18 and determined, since USA Hockey and MAHA don't recognize Tier 1 (AAA) hockey at the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) level, the SPOC would not be able to determine which out of state teams would count towards the 30% number, since some States recognize Tier 1 (AAA) at 9U.  The 30% rules do not count for the 9U (Squirt Minor/Squirt A) age classification.  
Reference 58th MAHA Rules & Regulations: IV. A. 2. (page 30).

Citizen Requirements For 2020-21

>All transfers and paperwork for all non-US citizens must be forwarded to the USA Hockey Transfer Department and approved before players are placed on a roster.
>Guardianship paperwork does not change the resident status.
>Estimated time for a transfer to be completed is a minimum of 3 working days and a maximum 7 days after it has been received by the USA Hockey Transfer Department.  Once it is approved, it will appear as approved on the registration form.

USA Hockey Annual Guide 2020-21: Citizenship Eligibility

There is a rule limiting the number of non-US players in this country without their parents (student visa) for participation on Youth National-Tournament bound teams.  See pages 140-141.

58th MAHA Annual Guide (page 29)

III. General Age & Division Classifications
A. Youth and Girls' General Information

All Youth classifications are restricted to U.S. citizens, registered aliens, foreign exchange students, and are limited to amateurs. Players who are a citizen of another country shall be considered eligible if he/she is a full-time resident of Michigan and the parent(s) holds one of the following legal documents: Alien Registration Receipt Card or Permanent Resident Card. The player shall also be considered eligible if the parents hold one of the following non-immigrant temporary visas: A Government Official; E. Treaty Trader or Investor; G. Representative to International Organization; H. Temporary Worker; I. Foreign Information Media Representative; J. Exchange Alien; L. Intra-company Transferee; M. Mom-Academic Student; O. Aliens of Extraordinary Ability; P. Athletes and Entertainers; Q. Cultural Exchange; R. Religious Workers; and TN. Transfer needed

1. Youth and Girls’ National Championship bound teams are restricted to only two players that are non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under any combination of the following immigration visa categories: F. Academic Students; J. Exchange Alien Visa; P. Athletes and Entertainers (excluding their spouses and children under visa category P-4); and Q. International Cultural Exchange Program participants. This restriction does not apply to non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under category P-4, referenced above, or other visa categories not referenced above, excluding category B. Temporary Visitor.

(a) Release.
A release from the player’s home country team/Association authorizing the player to compete for the USA Hockey member team; and,

(b) IIHF/Canadian Transfer.
A Youth Written Transfer form must be completed for all non-citizen players (male and female) less than 18 years of age and approved by USA Hockey

MAHA District Boundaries

(refer to the current MAHA Annual Guide for the most current boundaries)