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Can I play in a non USA Hockey program? (9/1/2023)

Non-sanctioned programs are not allowed to skate in USA Hockey Arena.

USA Hockey does not restrict choice of program; however, since you are registered with USA Hockey and play in the USA Hockey Arena, these criteria must be followed for non-sanctioned teams:
Teams must have a different head coach of record for the non-sanctioned  team
Teams must not wear Compuware colors (no orange or brown)
Teams must not wear Compuware gloves or shells nor have Compuware bags
There must not be any commingling of funds between Compuware teams and non-sanctioned teams
Non-sanctioned teams must not use Compuware score sheets when playing non-sanctioned games
No full ice or non-sanctioned team games are allowed in the USA Hockey Arena

Reference USA Hockey(2023-24 Annual Guide; Policies)

MAHA; Memo from G Atkinson; April 3, 2013

If some teams choose not to play within MAHA/USA Hockey, can our teams still play them?
No, you cannot play any teams that are not part of MAHA and USA Hockey.  Those non-MAHA and USA Hockey teams will not be able to join any of our sanctioned leagues.  They will also not be able to play in any sanctioned tournaments or play teams in other states and Canada that are members of USA Hockey or Hockey Canada.  Playing teams not registered with USA Hockey or Hockey Canada voids your insurance and can lead to disciplinary action for your head coach.

Could an association have teams in both MAHA and other sanctioning organization?
No, if you allow your Mite teams to participate with another group outside of MAHA and USA Hockey, it will jeopardize all of your remaining teams.  Your other teams would no longer be eligible to play in MAHA / USA Hockey-sanctioned leagues, tournaments or District and State Playoffs.  A team may split away from your organization but, if they do, they most be completely separate organization and sufficiently distinct from the USA Hockey Program.
They may note be part of the association
They may not use ice contracted by the association
They should be a separately incorporated corporation
They must have separate financial accounts and reporting
They should have a separate board of directors
They can not wear the same uniforms or have the same team name
All rink or vendor contracts need to be in the name of the separate entity

Distinguishing teams participating in non-sanctioned events or programs from teams that are members of USA Hockey will help avoid making USA Hockey, it affiliates or member organizations liable for activities conducted in connection with non-sanctioned play.  This will prevent the occurrence of situations where USA Hockey’s insurance could potentially be asserted to apply in a non-sanctioned event, and will also help make Individual Participants (and their parents or guardians) aware of which games or events and under USA Hockey rules and oversight and are covered by USA Hockey insurance and other benefits.

Could an individual coach participate in both MAHA and another sanctioning organization?
Yes, as long as they meet all the coaching certification requirements within MAHA / USA Hockey.