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How many monitors are required in locker rooms? (9/1/2023)

Short answer: two (2) screened adults at all times

A screened adult has provided evidence that they have completed both USA Hockey's SafeSport training and MAHA's background screening

USA Hockey SafeSport Program Manual; January 2023

Locker Room Policy

It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs must have at least one responsible screened and trained adult (which may include coaches, managers or other volunteers) present at all times and monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only Participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room. While it is not always possible, two locker room monitors are preferable.

Preferred locker room monitoring includes having locker room monitors inside the locker room while Participants are in the locker room; at a minimum, locker room monitors must be in the immediate vicinity outside the locker room (near the door within arm’s length and so that the monitor can sufficiently hear inside the locker room) who also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside. The responsible adult(s) who monitors and supervises the locker room shall have completed SafeSport Training in compliance with Section II and completed a background check in compliance with Section III of this Handbook. If the monitor(s) are inside, then it is strongly recommended that there be two monitors, as having a second monitor may help prevent allegations of impropriety by a monitor alone in the locker room. A Member Program or team may impose or follow stricter monitoring requirements. All Member Programs are responsible to work with their teams and coaches to adequately ensure that locker room monitors are in place at all appropriate times.

Further, responsible adults must also secure the locker room appropriately during times when minor Participants are on the ice. If a minor Participant goes to a locker room during practice or a game, and does not return in a timely fashion, then an Applicable Adult (or if possible two) should check on the minor Participant’s whereabouts.

It shall be permissible for a Member Program or team to prohibit parents from a locker room. However, in doing so the team shall be required to have properly screened adults monitoring and supervising the locker room as required above. With younger players, it is generally appropriate to allow parents to assist the player with getting equipment on and off before and after games or practices and they should be allowed in the locker room to do so.

MAHA Policy and Guidelines; Locker Room Policy; 9/28/14
Locker Room Attendants:

It is the Policy of USA Hockey that all Affiliates, Districts, Leagues, and Local Hockey Programs have at least one (MAHA Recommends Two) responsible adult(s) monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members  are permitted in the locker room, and to supervise locker room conduct. Any individual meetings with a minor participant and a coach in a locker room shall require a responsible adult be with the coach. Further, Responsible Adults must personally monitor the locker room environment while players are present and also make sure the locker room is appropriately secured during times when players are on the ice. 
Associations/Clubs and/or Coaches found in violations of this policy shall be sanctioned in the following  manner: 
1) 1st offense; a one game suspension to the head coach
2) 2nd offense; a warning to the Association/Club and a one week suspension to the head coach
3) 3rd offense; the head coach and Association/Club representative shall attend a hearing which may result in further sanctions up to and including fines, suspensions and/or removal of an associations good standing within MAHA.
. . . . .

D4 SafeSport Memorandum from C Boloven; Dated November 16, 2016

. . . . . There must also be at least two locker room monitors in the locker room at all times (1,2). This monitor can be a coach or parent, but they must be SafeSport compliant, meaning that they have completed the SafeSport training, have a valid background check, and are USA Hockey registered. . . . . . Also, a player cannot be a monitor, even if they are over the age of 18.
1) At the September District 4 Council Meeting, the Board voted to make the rule more stringent, and requires two monitors, as opposed to one.
2) For Girls hockey teams, these monitors must be female.

Compuware Youth Hockey 2023-24 Locker Room Policy

It is the policy of Compuware Youth Hockey and MAHA District 4 that there be at least two screened adults in the locker room when minor Participants are present. 

It is the policy of Compuware Youth Hockey and MAHA that any individual meetings with a minor participant and a coach or other adult in a locker room shall require that a second screened adult is present and follow the USA Hockey One-On-One Interactions Policy.