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Where can I find information on game misconducts, match penalties, and progressive penalties? (7/18/2022)

Game Misconducts / Match Penalties / Progressive Suspensions

USA Hockey (2021-25 Official Rules of Ice Hockey)

Rule 404 Misconduct Penalties explained

Rule 405 Match Penalties explained

Rule 411 Progressive Suspensions explained

(see below for a listing of USA Hockey penalties for misconduct and/or match)


Refer to the Annual MAHA Guidebook for specific disciplinary actions resulting in suspensions.

HPHL (Rules and Regulations Revised July 12, 2022)

Article 10

LCAHL (Bylaws of Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League Revised July 2015)

Article 18.14. Game Misconducts, Match Penalties, and Suspensions

USA Hockey (2021-25 Official Rules of Ice Hockey)

Minor or Major (plus Game Misconduct Penalty)
604(c, d)         Body-checking in Competitive Contact category
609(a, b)        Cross-checking
611(a, b)        Elbowing
621(a, b)        High-sticking
623(a, b)        Hooking
628(a, b)        Kneeing
634(a, b)        Slashing
639(a, b)        Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking
640(b, g)         Avoidable check (Late Hit)
640(c, g)         Avoidable contact after whistle
640(d, g)         Body check with no effort to gain possession of puck
640(e, g)         Body check delivered to opponent who is physically engaged
640(f, g)         Goalkeeper delivering body check

Minor plus Misconduct or Major plus Game Misconduct
603(a, b)        Boarding
607(a, b, c)     Charging
608(a, b)        Checking from behind
620(a, b)        Head Contact

Major plus Game Misconduct
606(a)             Butt-ending
608(b)             Checking From Behind (head first)
615(a, b)        Fighting
619(a)             Head-butting
622(b)             Holding/grabbing facemask
627(a)             Push off opponent with skate
629(a)             Leaving Bench in Altercation
635(a)             Spearing
639(b)             Slew Footing

Minor, Double Minor or Major plus Game Misconduct
615(a)             Fighting (retaliation)

Minor plus Game Misconduct Penalty
615(a)             Drop glove(s)/stick, instigate altercation

Bench Minor or Game Misconduct or both
629(d)             Team Official on ice without permission

Match Penalty Option
603(c)             Boarding
604(e)             Body checking in Competitive Contact category
606(b)             Butt-ending
607(e)             Charging
608(c)             Checking from behind
609(c)             Cross-checking
611(c)             Elbowing
615(c)             Deliberately removing helmet during altercation
619(b)             Head-butting
620(c)             Head Contact
621(c)             High-sticking
622(c)             Holding/grabbing facemask
623(c)             Hooking
628(c)             Kneeing
634(c)             Slashing
635(b)             Spearing
639(c)             Tripping/Clipping/Leg Checking/Slew Footing
640(h)             Avoidable check (Late Hit)
640(h)             Avoidable contact after whistle
640(h)             Body check with no effort to gain possession of puck
640(h)             Body check delivered to opponent who is physically engaged
640(h)             Goalkeeper delivering body check

Match Penalty (only)
305(b)             Taped hand, cutting opponent
601(e.1)          Applies physical force or attempts to inflict physical harm to a game official
601(e.2)          Conduct critically detrimental to the game
601(e.3)          Hateful/Discriminatory Language
602(a)             Attempt to injure or recklessly endanger an opponent or team official
615(c)             Removing helmet prior to or during an altercation
627(b)             Kicking opponent
633(a, b)        Suspended game—refusal to start play

Game Misconduct Penalty
401(b)             Four penalties to same player in game
403(b)             Second major penalty in same game
404(a)             Second misconduct penalty during same game
601(a)             Persisting in unsportsmanlike conduct
601(d)             Abuse of officials and other misconduct
601(f)              Alcohol, tobacco, smoking, vaping on bench
615(c)             Improperly worn helmet removed during altercation
615(d)             First to intervene in altercation
626(c)             Player interference with spectator

Misconduct or Game Misconduct Penalty
637(c)             Stick thrown out of playing area

Game Misconduct or Match Penalty
634(d)             Swinging stick at opponent in altercation