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Can a player tryout and practice with their high school team? Play for both CYH and their high school? (11/12/2022)


Tryouts/Practices- yes

Games- no

MAHA Annual Guide 2022-2023
Rules and Regulations

II. Registration and Rostering: Participants and Teams

P. A player rostered with a Youth or Girls Division classification team is ineligible to simultaneously roster or participate with a team in any Adult Division, College Division, Junior Division High or Prep School Division. Upon participating in any of these divisions, the player is automatically dropped from the Youth or Girls Division roster. A player rostered with a Youth Division classification team may attend tryouts and participate in practices with an Interscholastic High School program as long as they do not participate in any interschool scrimmages or any games. Once they participate in an interschool scrimmage or game, they are automatically released from the Youth or Girls Division roster. Following any of the above occurrences, the team manager of the Youth or Girls Division team must immediately notify the District Registrar of the removal of the player from the roster via a player release form.