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Game Rules, Curfew Clock, Score Sheet Guidelines (8/22/2023)

In games where Compuware Youth Hockey is the home team, you should make sure that you inform the referees prior to the start of the game what the game rules are that are to be followed. 

While it may seem reasonable that the referees know the game rules to be followed prior to the game (period length, zam or not, etc), this has in fact proven to be an unrealistic assumption.

On the right is a summary.  One page each for: MAHA home/away series games, LCAHL games

Rules for Round 1 of Districts and 8U full ice to be added.

>MAHA Home/Away Series Games
>High Performance Hockey League Games
>Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League Games
>District 4 Round 1 Games
>Example Completed Score Sheets
>Game Sheet Guidelines
>Referee Signals
>How to Play Music

What CEP information needs to be on the score sheet?

Head Coaches and Managers- 

All the Tier 1 MAHA home and away series games are non curfew.  All the District 4 Round 1 games in January are non curfew.  All other games are curfewed.  It is your responsibility to communicate this to the rink staff in the front office prior to the start of the game which games are to be non curfew so that the curfew clock is not running during the game.  Once the curfew clock is running and you attempt to play beyond the buzzer it is a situation for confusion on all parties involved.  This all needs to get sorted out prior to the start of the game rather than trying to sort this all out at the end of regulation with teams waiting to go on, etc.  As a reminder, running beyond the allotted ice time should be a rare event.  You need to insure you have enough time to complete your game in your ice slot as running late causes the following teams to be late going on.  You should be communicating your ice cut needs at the same time to the Arena front office staff.  This whole process only works if there is good communication between the teams and the Arena staff.  Please do not take advantage of the “non curfew” tagline.  Thanks in advance.

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