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Reporting AAA Player Movement (9/5/2022)

Players shall only move within their own organization.

14U shall not move up to any higher classification. 15O may move up to the 16O classification and 16O may move up to the 18U classification. Players using the player movement rule will be allowed to move up and down for a maximum of 8 games per regular season.

Player movement is only permitted for injuries or to give players an opportunity to play at the next level. A player shall not be moved up if all of your rostered players, 18 skaters and 2 goalies, will be present for the game. Movement is not permitted to replace a player serving a Misconduct or Match penalty.

Players exercising this option will not have a 72 hour waiting period and will not need to be released from one team and added to the other team they are moving to.

Player movement will be allowed up to December 23 of the current playing season. Player movement will be allowed to fill spots of players that move up to a junior team until the date established by USA Hockey each year.

Player movement is allowed to USHL, NAHL Junior teams and the USA Hockey NTDP programs. This movement is allowed until the date that is established by USA Hockey each year. Reference Youth/Junior Affiliated Player Policy USA Annual Guide Page 26.

Coaches who do not report player movement or exceed the maximum number of moves will be subject to disciplinary actions and suspension of up to one year.

You will receive an approval or denial of your request to the email provided in this form once it has been reviewed. Please submit your request a minimum of 48 hours before the 1st game played.


Each game played counts as one game including showcases and tournaments

9/8/2019: Allowed example- if you have 20 players on your roster and three players are injured, you can move a player up.  You are allowed only 20 players on the bench.  You cannot move a player up if all your rostered players will be present. Movement is only allowed for injuries or for players to get visibility.  It is not allowed for replacing a suspended player.