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Skill Instructors

--> new for the 2019-20 season <--
USA Hockey has mandated that all skill instructors will need to provide evidence that they have completed SafeSport training and the MAHA background screening

USA Hockey Membership

Skill instructors who are current members of USA Hockey as a player or coach can use their USA Hockey membership number to register for SafeSport training and submitting the MAHA background screening.

Those not currently a member of USA Hockey, can become a member here using the volunteer code and their will be no cost.

Link to USA Hockey SafeSport Training

Link to MAHA Background Screening

Compuware Youth Hockey is in District 4
There is a cost associated with the submission

Once the skill instructor has completed SafeSport training and MAHA background screening, the teams should e mail the skill instructor's name and USA Hockey registration number to

SafeSport completion certificates and MAHA background screenings are on file for the following skill instructors for the 2019-20 season:

Blanchard, James goalie
Brandt,Kenny; Skilled Advantage stick handling
Brown, Clayton goalie
Carney, Patrick goalie
Delamarter, Kevin goalie
Kastely, Jaymes skating
Krug, Carey skating/coaching
Matwijiw, Stan goalie
Muir, Kim skating
Schnoes, Matt; Future Pro goalie



2019-2020 MAHA Annual Guide

5. Any of the following named persons / positions who shall become engaged with the MAHA after August 1st shall immediately submit to a background screening. Participation in the MAHA is prohibited unless he/she has submitted the application.
     a. Each coach, assistant coach, manager, referee, instructor, minor official, officers of all Associations and any volunteer or employee who has routine access to children (everyone under the age of majority) shall complete the online background screening application authorizing the Abuse Prevention Committee to obtain criminal history records from any governmental unit


2019-2020 MAHA Annual Guide

12. All ice hockey coaches, instructors, 3rd party coaches, and independent contractors, whether they are on the official roster or not, that participate with registered USA Hockey youth, high school, disabled, girls/women’s 19&under and below programs must wear an approved ice hockey helmet during all on ice sessions, including practices, controlled scrimmages and coach and referee clinics (seminars), with the exception of when a team official is tending to an injured player. Failure to comply will result in a 30-day suspension from all activities involving USA Hockey registered programs.

2019-20 USA Hockey Annual Guide
Rules & Regulations

A. All ice hockey coaches and instructors of registered USA Hockey Youth 18 & Under and below, high school,  girls’/women’s 19 & under and below, and disabled programs must properly wear an approved ice hockey helmet during all on-ice sessions, including practices, controlled scrimmages and all Coaching Education Program clinics and/ or workshops. Failure to comply will result in a 30 day suspension from all activities involving USA Hockey registered programs.

USA Hockey; June 4, 2019

"All member programs must fully implement the SafeSport Program policies, procedures and requirements. This includes that all Affiliates and Member Programs require and enforce the requirement that all coaches, administrators and other adult Participants (program board members, team managers, and others working in the program but not on a roster) who will have regular access to or supervision over minor Participants have completed SafeSport Training and background checks as a condition of their participation."

USA Hockey; June 20, 2019

“There are several changes to the SafeSport Training requirements, as required by federal law and the Center for SafeSport:
a. SafeSport Training is required for all adults that have regular contact with minors which, as explained more fully below, includes adult-aged players on the same team with minor athletes.
b. Beginning this season, SafeSport is required every year rather than every other year (however, anyone who completed training in the most recent season (2018-19) will retain valid training status for 2019-20, and will complete training annually beginning in 2020-21).
c. A person must first take the course known as “Core Center for SafeSport Training,” which is taken online and takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes to complete. After that a “Refresher Course” is available each subsequent year for a person that has completed the Core Center for SafeSport Training. The Refresher Course takes 30 minutes or less to complete. There is no cost to members of USA Hockey to complete either training course.
d. Training must be completed before a person begins having regular contact with minor athletes, or if they do not have regular contact with minors, no more than 45 days after beginning the role that requires them to complete training."

USA Hockey "SafeSport Program Handbook'; June 19, 2019

Page 33: Education and Awareness Training
E. Other Volunteers/Employees

Page 36: 2019-20 Screening and Background Check Program
Purposes of a Screening Policy
Affiliate Screening Policies; sections A. and N.