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Barbara Ann Karmanos Award

Each year an individual is chosen to receive the Barbara Ann Karmanos Award.   The award reads as follows: For her loving determination and humanity to players, parents, family and friends.  This honor will be bestowed upon a special hockey individual who exhibits the fortitudes that Barbara demonstrated through her life.

Past winners are shown below.
2022-23 season Christian Rapp Compuware Midget Majors
2021-22 season Reid DaAvettila Compuware Midget Minor 16O
2020-21 season Cameron Springer Compuware Bantam Major Tier 1
2019-20 season Keegan Helton Compuware Bantam Tier 2
2018-19 season Shayne Beaufait Compuware Midget Minor 15 Only
2017-18 season Zach Martin Compuware Bantam Tier 2
2016-17 season Jhuwon Davis Compuware Midget Majors
2015-16 season Chris Trouba Compuware Midget Majors
2014-15 season Matt Mitchell Compuware Head Coach
2013-14 season Jack Kopacka Compuware Midget Majors
2012 Jack Gessert Compuware Midget Majors
2011 Josh Arnold Compuware Midget Majors
2010 Joe Cox Compuware Midget Majors
2009 Josh Dangel Compuware Midget Majors
2008 Kent Daavettdila Compuware Midget Majors
2007 Chat Pietila Compuware Midget Majors
2006 Brian Rieckhoff Compuware Midget Majors
2005 Jon Heady Detroit Compuware Head Coach
2004 Sean Perkins Detroit Compuware Midget Majors
2003 Mark Cannon Compuware Junior A
2002 Todd Watson Compuware Ambassadors
1992-2001 Neil Carnes Youth Director
1999-2000 Andy Burnes Compuware Ambassadors
1998-1999 John Shouneyia Compuware Ambassadors
1997-1998 Jeremy Bachusz Compuware Ambassadors
1996-1997 Jeff Reynaert Compuware Junior A
1989-1990 Ron Burkhart G.P.D Bantam Minor
1988-1889 Jason Karmanos G.P.D Bantam Minor


Christian Rapp came to Compuware Youth Hockey from Dexter High School.  He has displayed a committed effort to development and has demonstrated an attitude that corresponds. 

In his relentless pursuit of perfection, he has revealed his true self. He is the consummate teammate; he is passionate about his team and passionate about hockey.  He exemplifies the true spirit of competition.

Reid DaAvettila 2021-22

“Me and my friends were all hanging out together until we decided to go to our church youth group gathering. When we were leaving, we decided to drive in separate cars and me and my friend took my car and the other four went in Josh's truck. There were two different ways to get to our destination and we took opposite ways. They both led to the same road and that's where we saw boxes and broken plastic everywhere. When we saw the truck up on the hill we immediately knew it was Josh's truck. We ran up the hill to see two of our best friends dead and the other two injured. It was the worst thing that I have ever seen and it has greatly impacted my life.”

Cameron Springer 2020-21

Cameron was the captain of the team and one of the hardest workers at every practice as well as off the ice.  He gathered players to work out during the COVID shutdowns and kept in touch with all the players and staff keeping a great positive attitude.  Cam has been a Compuware player for many years and cares so much about his development as well as the teams.

Keegan Helton 2019-20

    If you ask an anonymous observer of what they see when watching Keegan Helton play hockey, some of the attributes mentioned would be - smooth skater, hard shot, feisty, emotional, just to name a few.  After coaching Keegan for three years, I wouldn't disagree with any of those comments.  However, the one word that embodies Keegan the most - determined!  Yes, Keegan is without a doubt a determined hockey player but, more importantly, he's even more determined off the ice battling Type 1 Diabetes.  
     Keegan began playing for me in May 2017, after being diagnosed with diabetes in March 2017.  Since then, Keegan, along with his parents Rachel and Damien, have tackled diabetes head-on, as they are advocates for diabetes awareness.  Since his diagnosis, Keegan hasn't missed a beat.  Keegan has educated his teammates by explaining his medical device he wears, as well as most recently playing in Toronto for a Diabetes awareness hockey tournament, where all participates are dealing with diabetes.
     In my three years of coaching Keegan, as he has been adjusting his day-to-day life with diabetes, he’s never once complained to me about it, has never once asked for sympathy, or never once used his diagnosis as a crutch.  In fact, if you asked that same observer if you notice anything different about Keegan and the other players on the ice, I’d expect the answer to be – nothing, he looks just like the rest of the players.  Which is exactly how Keegan would want it!

Shayne Beaufait 2018-19

Starting the 2018-19 season, Shayne had a slow start, but as the season progressed, Shayne continued to improve with hard work and dedication to the team.  During the Compuware/Honeybaked Classic Tournament in October, Shayne suffered a serious injury.  He broke his T5/6 vertebrae.  The season appeared to be over.  Through hard work and quick healing, he was able to return to play in mid-January.  By the MAHA State Championships, he was one of the best forwards at the Tournament.

Zach Martin 2017-18

During a late August 2016 practice, Zachary left the ice during practice not feeling well.  Zach had flu like symptoms with a fever and severe chills that caused him to tremble and become somewhat despondent as his tried to undress himself.  After several trips to the doctor over the weekend, Zach was admitted to Detroit Children’s Hospital intensive care unit with a bacterial infection in his blood that settled in his heart.  The next week he battled flu like symptoms as doctors pumped tremendous amounts of intravenous antibiotics into his system to kill the infection.  Days went by and Zach’s health seemed to be improving, but the doctors became worried about his heart.  An ultrasound a few days later revealed the infection had damaged a heart valve and he was scheduled for emergency open heart surgery to repair the valve at the ripe old age of 13.  The surgery went well and the weeks that followed saw Zach’s body healing well.  In December, Zach was given the all clear to return to activity. He started with some light on-ice practices and gradually worked himself back into shape.  It was only about another month and Zach was able to return to the game that he and his family love.  Zach played for Compuware Youth Hockey from the 2014-2015 season through the 2017-2018 season.  He will continue his hockey career playing for orchard lake St Mary’s high school.