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HPHL Information (8/7/2022)

Gamesheet Penalties

Live Scoring is to take place at each game and the uploading of the game should happen before the coaches leave the arena.

The home team is responsible for insuring the game is uploaded.

A fine of $100 will be assessed for each game not uploaded into the system the same day of the game up to 5 games per organization.  Any organization that exceeds 5 games not being uploaded the same day, the fine will be $500 per game for every game after.  For Compuware, any fines will be paid by the offending team(s).

Penalties for Late Dues Payment

To ensure fiscal responsibility, HPHL fees are billed to the organizations and due on three payment dates throughout the season.  The first seven days after each payment date are a “grace period”.  Beginning on the 8th day after each payment deadline, a 3% late fee penalty will be assessed to any organization that has not paid and that amount will be added to the total due.  For each 7 day period after that, a 1% late fee penalty will be assessed on any outstanding balance owed from that payment date.  The 3% late penalty fee applies to each of the three payment dates.  The 1% late penalty fee applies to any outstanding balance until it is paid.  
Repeat for each payment due period.
Late fees accumulate until payment is made.

Payment due on October 15th - $15,000.
  *Received on Oct 22 or before – no late penalty
  *Received between Oct 23-Oct 30  – 3% penalty fee assessed - $450 – balance due now is $15,450.
  *If not received by Oct 30 – 1% penalty assessed weekly – $154.50 for each week until it is paid.
  *If partial payment is made, there is still a 1% penalty assessed weekly on any outstanding balance.

Game Count

The HPHL ends the season with a playoffs.  This is NOT a tournament.  Each game played counts against the MAHA game count limits.

2022-2023 HPHL Manager's Quick Guide

Last day for scores to be posted to the HPHL website: January 16, 2023 at 5:pm for all divisions except 12U. 12U is January 13, 2023 at 5:pm.

Player Add/Drop