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Score Sheet Guidelines

What CEP information needs to be on the score sheet?

USA Hockey and MAHA provide very specific criteria to be utilized for game score sheets.  The following criteria should be followed.  A game is defined as: “an ice hockey game is a match played against another team which is registered with USA Hockey” (USA Hockey Annual Guide Rules & Regulations VIII. A. and MAHA Annual Guide Rules & Regulations VII. B.).  All of these games are to be listed on the team game log.
>All games played in the State of Michigan must utilize a score sheet (MAHA Annual Guide Rules & Regulations VII. E.).
>Prior to the beginning of a game, the head coach and assistant coaches must sign, print his/her name, and write their CEP Level and CEP card number and the year the CEP Level expires on the score sheet (USA Hockey Off-Ice Officiating Manual, pages 9 and 10).
>Each team shall appoint and designate on the score sheet a Head Coach prior to the start of the game (MAHA Annual Guide Rules & Regulations VII. E.).
>At the beginning of each game, the manager or coach of each team shall list the players and goalkeepers who shall be eligible to play in the game (USA Hockey Off-Ice Officiating Manual, page 9) with the player’s jersey number that they are wearing.
>Use the following symbols on the score sheet to indicate any rostered team players that are not on the bench for the game:
· Abs = Absent                           · GM = Sitting Game Misconduct
· Inj = Injured                            · MP = Sitting for Match Penalty
· NIU = Not in Uniform
>Both Head Coaches should sign the score sheet.  Both head coaches should initial  that they approve if any of the following occur prior to the start of the game:
· Only one referee is going to referee the game.
· A change in the length of the scheduled periods (shorter or longer) or a change in the curfew.
· A team official or team family member has to referee the game.
>At the end of the game make sure you obtain your copy of the score sheet for your records, unless the referee retains the score sheet to document a match penalty.  In this case, you will need to wait for the Referee to give you the score sheet.
>All score sheets are to be kept in order of date played in a team binder.

There are certain penalties to be aware of; refer to the MAHA Annual Guide Rules and Regulations XVI.
>When a player, coach, or manager receives a game misconduct(s) he/she shall not be eligible to participate in the next game(s) that were already on the schedule of that team before the incident occurred.  Refer to USA Hockey Rules, MAHA District Playoff Rules, and league rules for additional penalties under certain conditions (i.e., multiple games if the next game scheduled is not a MAHA District Playoff game, multiple games in the HPHL for fighting).
>When a player is ejected for receiving a second major penalty in a game, he/she shall be suspended for the next two games. [1]  Refer to the 2017-2021 Official Rules of Ice Hockey, Rule 403 (b).
>The head coach accumulating 15 or more penalties during the same game will automatically be suspended for the next game his/her team plays. [1]  Refer to the 2017-2021 Official Rules of Ice Hockey, Rule 401 (b) and to the MAHA Annual Guide Rules and Regulations XVI. 11.
>Any player who receives 5 penalties during the same game shall receive a game misconduct penalty. [1]  Refer to the 2017-2021 Official Rules of Ice Hockey, Rule 401 (b).
>A player or team official receiving a match penalty is automatically suspended from all amateur hockey activities, including games, practices, and all other team sanctioned events, until a hearing is held by the District Council.   Refer to the 2017-2021 Official Rules of Ice Hockey, Rule 405 (c).
>Head Coaches are also responsible for compliance with Rule 411- Progressive Suspensions.  Rule 411 increases game suspensions to a player who receives their third and subsequent major penalties for infractions classified as “Aggressive Infractions” during the same season.  It also adds a suspension to the head coach for a team receiving three major penalties in the same game.

Coaches are to maintain a copy of all score sheets (league, district, playoff, scrimmages, and tournaments).  These are to be available upon request of Compuware Youth Hockey within 24 hours of the request.

The Head Coach must report a match penalty within 24 hours following the incident by phone or e mail to the District 4 Chairperson.  The Chairperson will require a copy of the stamped roster and the score sheet.

[1] It is NOT a requirement for the referee to indicate the GM’s  (game misconducts) on your score sheet.  It is the head coach’s sole responsibility.